Technical Assistance Services


For new sheriffs or new facility administrators, a jail or prison can be the biggest unknown of their public safety career. A correctional facility poses one of the largest liabilities to an organization. What is it about a correctional facility that causes the biggest headaches and presents the largest challenges? First, it is a drain on a county’s (or state’s) budget. The operation of a facility, depending on its size and role, can consume 40- to 65% of the fiscal resources. When faced with budget reduction exercises, correctional facilities present the most enticing opportunities where governments save money and meet other public demands within the community. Without well-informed guidance, essential tax dollars might get redirected or needlessly spent on inefficient facility operations.

 TLM Correctional Consultants and our Correctional Affiliates are a team of seasoned corrections professionals to provide you with the knowledge and guidance you need to make those critical decisions. Our experts know jails and prisons because we’ve spent more than 100 years master planning, operating, and leading facility operations from less than 100 beds to well over 5,000 beds in multiple facilities. Building relationships between the judicial system components and correctional administrators and sharing the same philosophy are the keys to success in managing facilities and inmate populations.

Each of our technical assistance services are programmed to help you improve operations, reduce liabilities, identify strengths, build upon weaknesses, make safer facilities for staff and inmates, and overall save money. All of our personnel work directly with essential stakeholders in the criminal justice system, county commission, legislative offices, with sheriffs and jail administrators, department heads, and community advocates all to provide the best outcome with all of our services.